Glacier National Park view
Middle fork of the flathead

Glacier National Park Fishing

The area surrounding Glacier National Park is a water lovers’ dream. The annual spring thaw of the winter snow fills the rivers and lakes and starts the summer anew. 

Big Sky and Outdoor Recreation

Montana is known for its big skies and outdoor recreation. It is a diverse state with millions of acres of forest and rolling plains. The Rocky Mountain Range cuts through the state from top to bottom and divides it into separate watersheds. The continental divide follows the peaks of the Rockies and runs from the Bering Strait south of the Arctic Circle to the Strait of Magellan on the southernmost tip of South America.

Continental Divide | Triple Divide Peak

All water flowing on the west side of the mountains flows into the Flathead River, then Clark Fork, to the Columbia, and finally reaches the Pacific Ocean. The water flowing down the east side of the divide flows down to the Missouri River, then Mississippi, out to the Gulf of Mexico, ending in the Atlantic Ocean. Glacier National Park is home to Triple Divide Peak, the only hydrological apex on earth. Water flows from the summit in three directions: to the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Artic Ocean through Hudson Bay. This unique feature helped secure the name “Crown of the Continent.”

Montana National Parks

Glacier National Park became the official 10th national park when President Taft signed a bill in 1910. Visitors have come from around the world to enjoy the fresh air and incredible views of Glacier.
Before it was a famous travel destination, several Native American tribes lived in the area. The Blackfeet on the east side of the divide and the Salish and Kootenai on the west used the park for hunting, fishing, and sacred ceremonies.

Hundreds of Miles of Hiking Trails

Over 700 miles of hiking trails are within the park and thousands more across the state. For example, Yellowstone National Park in southern Montana is just a 7-hour drive with over 900 miles of hiking trails. It was the nation’s first national park designated in 1872.
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Glacier view from Flathead River