Fishing Flathead Lake in northwest Montana

Sitting in the shadow of Glacier National Park is Flathead Lake. Overlooked by visitors even though it is the largest lake west of the Mississippi. Because it is fed primarily by snowmelt the water temperature stays cold year-round. Ice-cold water means fewer nutrients and therefore, fewer algae and plant life. Touted by magazines over the years as one of the cleanest lakes in the United States and the world. Flathead Lake fishing is another way to experience the Montana adventure.

Lake Trout Flathead Lake

Take a drive all the way around Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is about 28 miles long from its northernmost point in Somers Bay to its southern tip and 15 miles across. You can drive highway 35 along the east shoreline from the charming town of Bigfork to the intersection of Highway 93 in Polson. From there you can head back towards Kalispell, though you can’t see the lake the whole way.
Flathead Lake reaches depths of 370 feet and has a variety of sport fish. The guides at Bent Fly Fishing target their efforts in search of the massive lake trout that love the icy depths of this great lake. Mountain and lake whitefish also live in the lake and travel the river system.

Glacial Lake Missoula and the Flathead Valley

The lake was formed slowly over millions of years. During the last ice age, a massive ice sheet covered most of northwestern Montana. The ice slowly crept it’s way south until it dammed the Clark Fork River. The ice dam blocked the flow of water and formed Glacial Lake Missoula. Throughout hundreds of years this glacial lake flooded then the dam would burst to cause the water to explode into Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. This event created actual ripples across the mountains beyond the west shore of Flathead Lake.

Guided Fishing Trip on Flathead Lake

This area has been influenced heavily by water over millions of years. We like to spend our time enjoying the way it is now. Give us a call for more info on fishing on Flathead Lake.

Northern Pike Flathead Lake
lake trout on flathead lake